Mississippi Biomass Energy Facility Lays Off Thirty-Two Employees

– by Amicia Ramsey, March 1, 2016, ABC 11


Photo: ABC 11

Nearly three dozen people were laid off at an energy plant in Clarke County.

Solvay Biomass Energy plant in Quitman laid off 32 employees last Friday. Employees affected say they found out after showing up for work that day and receiving separation agreements and severance packets.

SBE is a global energy company that made white and torrefied biomass comparable to coal, but it generates clean energy for the environment.

There is a possibility the layoffs are connected to the decision the company made to stop producing white wood pellets because of its lack of profit.

According to statement released by the SBE, ”The goal is to secure the torrefied biomass activity of SBE, restore the profitability of its activities, and improve the Quitman plant’s competitiveness, ceasing production of white wood.”

Mayor Eddie Fulton says this may seem like a blow but he wants to utilize the skills of the employees who were laid off.

“If we can get some of these employees from Solvay and find them work, it will carry you forward. I am proud of my people,” said Fulton.

Despite sudden changes SBE says it is committed to Quitman and their goal is to recover from investing in white wood biomass by exclusively make torrefied pellets.

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