Glenn County, CA Board to Decide on Trash Incinerator

– March 29, 2016, Action News Now


Photo: Action News Now

The Glenn County Board of Supervisors heard an appeal today from opponents of a proposed waste-to-energy plant near Orland.

Both supporters and opponents of the ‘Glenn County Solid Waste Conversion Facility were making sure their voices were being heard by the board today.

The hearing comes a month after planning commissioners gave the green light for the proposed project east of Orland.

The project site is located on eight acres bordered by highway 32 to the north and Stony Creek to the south.

Many opponents in attendance today were from the stony creek area. Opponents complain the project will create too much truck traffic for the area and threaten the local aquifer, among many other concerns.

Concerned citizens like Michael Robinson said, based on their presentation today, they believe that the board will grant their appeal.

“We just illustrated many of the flaws with the whole process,” Robinson said. “We hope the board of supervisors will see what we see.”

Proponents of the plan, however, said these types of facilities actually divert unnecessary waste to the landfill and convert much of it into energy.

The first phase of the project would also create about 21 full-time jobs. The meeting is still in session and we’ll bring you the details as soon as they become available.

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