[NEWS] Burning Trash in Coal-Fired Power Stations?

– by Johanna Somers, April 29, 2016, Virginian Pilot


Photo: Integraldeeplistening.com

Waste-to-energy company Wheelabrator Technologies is trying to lure individual cities away from regional trash authority Southeastern Public Service Authority and deal directly with it.

Mayor Kenny Wright announced Tuesday that the city had a bid from Wheelabrator to dispose of the city’s waste. Joel Rubin, president of Rubin Communications Group, which represents Wheelabrator, confirmed the bid.

Eight localities debated for months about whether to sign a new contract with SPSA before their current one expires in January 2018. The SPSA board, made up of representatives from each locality, voted to go with South Carolina-based RePower South instead of Wheelabrator. RePower offered the lowest bid, but some people have questioned the viability of the company’s new technology.

RePower plans to separate waste into recoverable recyclables to sell on the open market and plastics and fibers that can be burned in coal power plants, according to Jim Bohlig, the company’s chief development officer.

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