[NEWS] Gainesville, FL Biomass Facility Ordered to Pay $4.6 Million in Damages

– by Cindy Swirko, June 23, 2016, Gainesville Sun


Photo: wuft.org

Gainesville Renewable Energy Center was ordered Thursday to pay more than $4.6 million in damages to Wood Resource Recovery in a judge’s ruling that the operator of the biomass plant violated its contract with the wood supplier.

Eighth Circuit Judge Monica Brasington found that GREC violated the contract by prohibiting Wood Resource Recovery from delivering yard waste to fuel the biomass plant even though the contract said it could be used as fuel.

GREC, however, stated in court documents that Wood Resource Recovery provided material that didn’t meet the contract’s stipulations.

“This unilateral prohibition on yard waste by GREC, of a biomass material representing a significant portion of WRR’s product, was a material breach of the Agreement that substantially impaired the value of the contract,” Brasington wrote in her 13-page judgment.

Brasington ordered GREC to pay $4.46 million in damages and interest plus attorney’s fees and costs.

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One comment

  • Is anything being done currently to reduce the nerve racking noise of the biomass plant. it is driving the residents of Turkey Creek Golf and Country Club nuts. Why can ‘t the plant run the awful noise during the day when everyone is not trying to get some sleep?


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