[NEWS] 3.5 Million Deaths Per Year from Biomass and Kerosene Cooking and Lighting

– July 18, 2016, Bioenergy Insight


Photo: energynext.in

The global death rate from air pollution will skyrocket in the next few decades lest the energy buckles down and significantly reduces its emissions, the International Energy Agency (IEA) says.

In the Energy and Air Pollution special report under the World Energy Outlook, IEA says an estimated 6.5 million death are caused by air pollution annually.

Of these deaths, 3.5 million are connected with energy poverty and the use biomass and kerosene for cooking and lighting that affects 2.7 billion people worldwide.

Another three million deaths are linked to outdoor air pollution caused by traffic and industry, mostly in cities.

The agency report states that the majority of air polluting emissions come from energy production and use due to “unregulated, poorly regulated or inefficient” fuel combustion.

Coal is responsible for around 60% of global combustion-related sulphur-dioxide emissions, while fuels used for transport, such as diesel, generate more than half the nitrogen oxides emitted globally.

Currently only 8% of global energy production is combustion-free and more than half of the rest has no effective technology in place to control emissions.

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