[NEWS] New Biomass Proposal for Burney, CA After Existing Facility Announces Shut Down

– by Nathan Solis, August 17, 2016, Redding Record Searchlight


Burney, California

Shasta County Planning Commissioners gave the owner of Hat Creek Construction the go-ahead to build a new biomass facility in Burney. The approval comes just as another facility in Burney issued a 60 days’ notice to its employees that it would be closing its doors.

The proposed 9-acre facility given the go-ahead by commissioners at a special meeting on Thursday would sit on an 85-acre property owned by TLT Enterprise, Inc. listed under Perry Thompson, owner of Hat Creek Construction.

Thompson is also the nephew of Shasta County Supervisor Pam Giacomini.

The biomass plant would convert wood chips into energy and the authors of the application intend to sell that energy to Pacific Gas & Electric under the mandate of Senate Bill 1122, a 2012 law that requires corporations to gather a certain amount of bioenergy megawatts statewide.

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