[NEWS] Will New Biofuels Help Decarbonize Aviation and Shipping?

Will New Biofuels Help Decarbonize Aviation and Shipping?

– by Kent Harrington, August 17, 2016, Chenected


(Photo: Chenected)

It’s all hands on deck for the monumental task of decarbonizing the world energy system, and some speculate that may take a decade shy of the next century before it’s complete, if ever. It turns out that reining in emissions from stationary energy facilities, like coal or gas-powered plants, will be easy compared to curbing emissions from moving targets like aviation and shipping, which is starting to look nearly impossible.

A new video makes the problem clear: Every day 100,000 airline flights take off and land at airports across the world (watch the video above). Constantly moving air traffic means that no single person or group can manage the flow surging around the globe with the velocity of a plot from a Jason Bourne movie, floating over time zones, leaping national borders, and skating past regulatory and legal jurisdictions.

Shipping is even worse. Huge container ships — powered by one of the world’s dirtiest fuels — slip over the horizon, where they’re ignored by everyone except aspirational Somali pirates, until they arrive in port to unload their cargo.

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