[NEWS] A Standard for Biomass Wood Chips?

– by Anna Simet, August 26, 2016, Biomass Magazine

wood_chips_biomassThe rate at which small- and industrial-scale biomass thermal or combined-heat-and-power (CHP) systems are being installed in the U.S. has slowed a bit in the wake of the global oil price depression, but use is still on the rise as schools, universities, hospitals and others continue to choose biomass thermal as a replacement for outdated and inefficient oil boilers. This is particularly true in the Northeast U.S., where, for many years, there has been a growing movement to adopt, expand, incentivize and educate the public of the benefits of modern wood heat. Coincidentally, the region is also home to the most heating oil-addicted states.

New biomass heating system installations are often paired with operators who may not have experience using wood fuel. When exploring locally available options, a user might choose to use whole tree chips as fuel. Or, they may opt to use bole chips. Or microchips, or semi-dry chips. Or precision dry chips. Or screened chips, hog fuel, grindings, clean chips or dirty chips. The list goes on.

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