[NEWS] Georgia 58-Megawatt Biomass Facility’s Opening Date Unclear

– by Zack Mitcham, September 5, 2016, Madison Journal Today


Biomass facility in Colbert, Georgia (Photo: Madison Journal Today)

A power plant is still being planned in the old Weyerhaeuser/Trus Joist wood facility off Hwy. 72 in Colbert. But exactly when it will open is unclear.

The business, which will be called the “GRP – Madison Renewable Energy Facility,” was originally scheduled to open in May 2017. But the opening has been delayed.

“Yes the project has been pushed back somewhat,” said Dennis Carroll, the owner’s consultant for Georgia Renewable Power, LLC (formerly Greenfuels). “We have spoken to Georgia Power regarding an extended time-line and they are working with us.”

Carroll declined to comment further on the project, saying he would share more details later.

The company plans to use the old plant as a multi-purpose energy facility, which will include storage for Georgia Renewable Power equipment as well as a 58-megawatt biomass facility that uses shredded forestry products to produce energy that will be sold to Georgia Power, along with “other potential environmental operations.”

READ MORE at Madison Journal Today

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