[NEWS] Hydrogen Chloride Violation and Dust Nuisance at Michigan Biomass Facility

– September 7, 2016, ABC 10 News


L’Anse Warden, MI biomass facility (Photo: wnmufm.org)

A public hearing was held this evening addressing the Warden Power Plant in L’Anse requesting to change the mix of biofuel it currently uses to produce electrical power.

Two non-compliance issues have recently arose at the plant. After an inspection, the plant was found to be in violation of the hydrogen-chloride limit and after more than 60 complaints from L’Anse residents, a nuisance dust violation was also found.

“The citizens called and complained to us and we went out and investigated and we found wood dust on their property, on their vehicles so it was basically creating a nuisance for the neighbors and they were concerned about their health also,” said DEQ Air Quality Division, Chris Hare.

The meeting was held tonight to discuss the DEQ’s compliance plans for these issues and hear the publics input. The compliance plan for the Hydrogen chloride limit exceedance is for the company to submit a permit application to remove PCP railroad ties from the fuel portfolio.

READ MORE at ABC 10 News

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