[NEWS] Keene State Experimenting With Vegetable Oil Biofuel Heat

– by Meghan Foley, October 9, 2016, Keene Sentinel


Photo: Keene State College

After decades of relying on No. 6 fuel oil to heat most of the campus’ buildings, Keene State College officials are experimenting with an environmentally-friendly alternative they hope will eventually replace the polluting fossil fuel.

This year, the college entered into a contract to receive shipments of purified waste vegetable oil biofuel from a Boston-based firm that manufactures the product, Campus Sustainability Director Cary H. Gaunt said.

The college received its first delivery of the biofuel, which burns at a similar temperature as No. 6 fuel oil but is much cleaner, this summer, she said.

An upfront cost was incurred to make a few minor conversions to heating equipment, but it was nominal, she said. The cost of the biofuel is competitive with the No. 6 fuel oil, partly because of state and federal renewable energy credits available for using the product, Gaunt said.

READ MORE at Keene Sentinel

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