[NEWS] How the Ethanol Sausage Gets Made

– by Robert Rapier, October 13, 2016, Investing Daily

DCF 1.0

Photo: PBS

Permit me to engage in a bit of shameless self-promotion. If you are interested in U.S. ethanol policy, consider watching a new PBS documentary called The Ethanol Effect. It debuted just this week on PBS World, but should be distributed to local PBS channels shortly. The video is currently available online, here.

The documentary is hosted by former Scientific American energy and environment editor David Biello, who came to my office in Arizona to interview me for the program last April. I come on just before the 48-minute mark, discussing progress in cellulosic ethanol.

The video is very well done. It traces the history of U.S. ethanol policy, and does a good job of covering the political and environmental issues involved. There are some issues that readers outside of the corn belt may not even be aware of, such as the heavy fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide runoff from industrial corn farming that is making it a challenge to provide clean drinking water for some parts of the Midwest.

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