Don’t Be Kept in the Dark About Bioenergy: Subscribe to The Biomass Monitor

As of 2017, The Biomass Monitor is a paid subscription only publication.

We’ve decided that the best way to continue our balanced investigative reporting on all aspects of bioenergy, biomass, and biofuels is to sever all ties to agenda-driven foundations and generate our income solely from our loyal readers.

That’s why we’re offering a year’s worth of quarterly issues delivered right to your inbox for the low rate of $15 for individuals, $20 for nonprofits, and $25 for businesses.

Just scroll to the bottom of this email to subscribe today!

Whether you’re in the industry, an environmental or public health advocate, journalist, student, government agency staffer, elected official, or just bio-curious, you count on The Biomass Monitor to give you the nation’s most comprehensive look at this popular and controversial energy source.

Here’s a brief overview of what The Biomass Monitor has been offering you since 2010:

• Meticulously-researched, balanced, and high quality investigative journalism focused on the number one form of “renewable” energy in the U.S., bioenergy.

• Point-counterpoint opinion pieces published in each issue, where biomass supporters and critics debate important issues relevant to bioenergy, like climate change, public health, and forests.

• Monitoring, filtering, and distributing the latest bioenergy news from around the nation via our blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Our feed is one-stop shopping for anyone who wants to be kept in the loop on the latest bioenergy proposals, science, and politics.

• Free conference calls featuring experts speaking on various aspects of bioenergy.

• An extensive list of peer-reviewed scientific studies and reports relevant to bioenergy.

With everything that The Biomass Monitor delivers, surely you can agree that no other publication in the U.S. even comes close to what we’re doing. And, that with topics such as climate change, renewable energy, public health, and the environment becoming more and more crucial, we’re an important feature in today’s media landscape.

To ensure that you keep getting the whole story on nearly 1/2 of the nation’s renewable energy, subscribe today via PayPal for the low yearly rate of $15 for individuals, $20 for nonprofits, and $25 for businesses.

To pay by check, contact for details.


1 Year Individual Subscription – $15


1 Year Nonprofit Subscription – $20


1 Year Business Subscription – $25



Josh Schlossberg, Editor-in-Chief (Denver, Colorado)
Samantha Chirillo, Associate Editor (Eugene, Oregon)

Editorial Board:
Roy Keene, Forester
Brett Leuenberger, Student
Dr. Brian Moench, Physician
Jon Rhodes, Hydrologist
George Wuerthner, Ecologist

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