[NEWS] Loggers Want to Keep New York Biomass Facility Open Past 2017

– by David Sommerstein, December 29, 2017, North Country Public Radio


Photo: David Sommerstein

The biomass plant in Lewis County has a positive outlook for 2017, but big question marks after that. ReEnergy Holdings owns the plant in Lyonsdale that produces electricity from logging scraps. The plant’s future could have a big impact on loggers in the Tug Hill Plateau region.

The Lyonsdale plant went offline last spring because cheap natural gas was pushing down electricity prices. About twenty people were laid off. North Country loggers lost a big customer.

But the plant fired back up during peak summer demand and has been producing up to 22 megawatts of electricity since. ReEnergy spokesperson Sarah Boggess said there’s been a “slight improvement” in power markets. “We’re really pleased that it is online at this point,” Boggess said, “and we are optimistic that it will stay online” through 2017.

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