[NEWS] Plumas County, California Breaks Ground on Biomass Facility

– by Steve Wathen, August 14, 2017, Plumas County News

plumas county biomass magazine

Graphic: Biomass Magazine

Lori Simpson, chairwoman of the board of supervisors, said that she has been on the board for nine years and that entire time the board has been discussing biofuels. “Now, we have the whole package,” she said. “A non-profit went out and acquired a grant to help pay for the system.”

“Yes there is a certain amount of risk,” she added, “However, I ask myself, ‘Am I going to be a visionary?’”

Simpson declared, “I think this is a great opportunity. We are going to be the showcase for the state. I don’t want to lose this opportunity.”

The board voted 4 to 1 on Aug. 1 (Supervisor Sherrie Thrall cast the no vote) to sign contracts with the Sierra Institute to build and run a $2.6 million biomass plant to heat the Plumas County Health and Human Services building. The facility will also sell electricity to FRC and back to PG&E.

Andrew Haden, president of Wisewood Energy, the entity building the plant, said. “We anticipate starting work next week. Our goal is to have the system up and running by the time snow flies this winter.”

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One comment

  • Biomass is usually dirty. What is the level of the carcinogenic emissions ? Also, as one example, the British Drax power plant emits a more CO2 per unit of heat than coal and more than twice as much as natural gas. I would say that using biomass is irresponsible and I note the comments of the British press that biomass is a scam ???


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