[NEWS] Anti-Waste Incineration Bill Fails in New York

– by Cole Rosengren, June 21, 2018, Waste Dive


Photo: Jerry Jackson / Baltimore Sun

The New York State Assembly failed to pass A11214, meaning efforts to advance this proposed law are effectively stalled until the legislature returns for regular session in 2019. The last action on this bill was unanimous approval from the Assembly Ways and Means committee on June 19.

Circular enerG heralded this result and pushed back in a detailed statement, calling the bill’s claims “science fiction” and “bogus.”

“The New York State Assembly acted responsibly by declining to pander to NIMBYs and junk science by declining to consider a law to pull the Circular enerG waste-to-energy project out of the state Article 10 process. This technology is the best option for trash, and results in huge environmental benefits compared to landfills, including lower emissions of greenhouse gasses, and no odors or emissions of harmful levels of toxic air pollutants,” wrote Attorney Alan Knauf.

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