THE BIOMASS MONITOR is the nation’s leading publication investigating the whole story on bioenergy, biomass, and biofuels.

Editor-in-Chief & Journalist
Josh Schlossberg

Associate Editor
Samantha Chirillo

Editorial Board
Roy Keene, Forester (Eugene, Oregon)
Brett Leuenberger, Student (Unity, Maine)
Dr. Brian Moench, Physician (Salt Lake City, Utah)
Jon Rhodes, Hydrologist (Portland, Oregon)
George Wuerthner, Ecologist (Bozeman, Montana)

Contact us with submissions, feedback, or questions at thebiomassmonitor [at] gmail.com


  • I like your subject matter, but I can’t read the articles because they keep moving around (as more pages are added at the bottom, I suppose).


  • I agree, I just subscribed and unless your webpage designers quit making the screen dance around while I’m trying to read, I will unsubscribe. This is unnecessary BS, wastes my time and is very irritating. It’s not just the person that started this topic, I would suggest you take a poll to ask your readership if they like your dancing screens!


    • Sorry for your frustration. Unfortunately this is common on blogs that constantly refresh with new articles, including Hillary Clinton’s website! The key is to click on an article and then it opens into that page and becomes stationary.

      This is a WordPress.com site, so not sure how much I can do about it, but I’ll check with the developer of the theme I’m using to see if there is something that can be done about it.


  • Are you pro decimating forests for “energy”=intensifying climate change which it is prob too late to stop anyway. I can’t figure your publication out. What is your agenda?


  • The only problem I’m having is on the home page – https://thebiomassmonitor.org/ where the photos scroll across the page and headings under them are different sizes. It does make the text on the rest of the page jump around.
    Otherwise, interesting site with some good information on it.


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