Original Articles

A selection of original pieces written by Josh Schlossberg for The Biomass Monitor and other publications.

Did Trump’s Quest for ‘Energy Dominance’ Factor into EPA’s Carbon Neutral Biomass Decision? (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY)

Out of the Fryingpan and Into the Fire: Debate Heats Up Over Clear-Cutting in Colorado National Forest (Boulder Weekly)

Can EPA-Certified Wood Stoves Cut Indoor Air Pollution? (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY)

Will Western Communities Adapt to Climate-Driven Wildfire? (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY)

Study Assesses Economic Benefits of Biomass Energy on Rural Communities (SUBSCRIPTION ONLY)

Forest Service Studies Soil Impacts of Bioenergy Logging 

The Future of Biomass Energy in Vermont (The Vermont Independent)

Generating Controversy (Earth Island Journal)

Where Do Environmental Groups Stand on Bioenergy? (Counterpunch)

Bioenergy Consultant Critiques Scientists’ Letter to Congress

Is Biomass Heating Safe for Schools? 

Is Biomass Energy Renewable? (EcoWatch)

“New Conservationists” Push for Logging to Prevent Wildfires and For Biomass Energy (Earth Island Journal)

Sanders and Clinton Back Bioenergy (Truthout)

Biomass Energy Growing Pains

Biomass Power Facilities Idle for Months

Questions Linger Over Denver Zoo’s Plan to Incinerate Trash and Manure for Energy (Glendale-Cherry Creek Chronicle)

Bioenergy Industry Fires and Explosions