Read a selection of point-counterpoint opinion pieces on various aspects of bioenergy from a wide spectrum of viewpoints published in monthly issues of The Biomass Monitor.

On Neutral Ground? (Summer 2018)

PRO: “Biomass Energy is Carbon Neutral” by Tim Echols, Vice Chair, Georgia Public Service Commission

CON: “Biomass Energy is NOT Carbon Neutral” by Scot Quaranda, Communications Director, Dogwood Alliance

Debate Heats Up Over Biomass Energy from National Forests (Spring 2018)

PRO: “Vegetation Management Project to Provide Forest Products, Biomass Energy” by Aspen/Sopris Ranger District, White River National Forest

CON: National Forest Project Bad for Environment and Climate by Rocky Smith, Forest Management Analyst

Inside the EPA-Certified Wood Stove Debate (Winter 2017-2018)

PRO: “EPA Wood Stoves Reduce Air Emissions” by Dane Farrell, Coordinator of Government Affairs, Hearth, Patio, & Barbecue Association

CON: “EPA Wood Stoves Still Pollute” by Julie Mellum, Families for Clean Air

Sustainable Biomass Program Certification (Fall 2017)

PRO: “Sustainable Biomass Program: A Best Practice Certification System” by Carsten Huljus, CEO, Sustainable Biomass Program

CON: “Sustainable Biomass Program Green Lights Forest Impacts” by Sasha Stashwick, Energy and Transportation Senior Advocate, NRDC

Forest Fuel Reduction and Wildfire (Summer 2017)

PRO: “Biomass Energy Facilities a Tool for Dealing with Forest Fuels” by John Buckley Executive Director, Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center

CON: “The Fallacies of Forest ‘Thinning’ for Fire Management” by Chad Hanson, Director, John Muir Project

Carbon Neutral Biomass (Spring 2017)

PRO: “Middlebury College Declares Carbon Neutrality, Thanks to Biomass” by Middlebury College

CON: “Middlebury Biomass Not Carbon Neutral” by Hans Ohanian, Physicist

Air Emissions (December 2016)

PRO: “Biomass Facilities Play Important Role in Improving Air Quality,” by Bruce Springsteen, Compliance and Enforcement Manager, Placer County Air Pollution Control District

CON: “Biomass Energy Facilities Can Worsen Air Pollution,” by Jana Ganion, Energy Director, Blue Lake Rancheria

Forests, Wildfire, and Biomass Energy (November 2016)

PRO: “Forest Biomass Utilization Combatting Catastrophic Wildfires,” by Julia Levin, Executive Director, Bioenergy Association of California & Tad Mason, Registered Professional Forester

CON: “The Disconnect Between Myth and Reality in the Rim Fire,” by Chad Hanson, Research Ecologist, John Muir Project of Earth Island Institute

Biomass Heating  (October 2016)

PRO: “Helping Low-Income Vermonters Heat with Wood,” by Jessie-Ruth Corkins, Operations Director, Vermont Sustainable Heating Initiative

CON: “Montpelier, VT’s Biomass Heating Facility Nothing to Celebrate,” by Willem Post, Consulting Engineer.

Aviation Biofuels (September 2016)

PRO: “Take-Off for Aviation Biofuels: When, How, and Why?” by Jim Lane, Editor and Publisher, Biofuels Digest

CON: “The High-Flown Fantasy of Aviation Biofuels,” by Almuth Ernsting, Co-director, Biofuelwatch

Massachusetts (August 2016)

PRO: “A Clear Path Forward for Biomass Energy,” by Evan B. Dell’Olio, Director of External and Regulatory Affairs, Roberts Energy Renewables

CON: “The Hoax of Biomass and Modern Forestry,” by RG Cachat, Biochemist and Ecologist

Wildfire (July 2016)

PRO: “Thinning Forests for Biomass Can Reduce Fire Severity,” by John Buckley, Central Sierra Environmental Resource Center

CON: “Dead Trees Vital to Forests,” by George Wuerthner, Ecologist

Renewability (June 2016)

PRO: “Congress Confirms Biomass Energy is Renewable,” by Roger Sedjo, Resources for the Future & Stephen Shaler, University of Maine

CON: “Biomass Energy Not Renewable,” by Christopher D. Ahlers, Clean Air Council

Wood Pellets (May 2016)

PRO: “Modern Wood Heating Making Inroads Across Northeast,” by Charlie Niebling, Innovative Natural Resource Solutions

CON: “Don’t Cut and Burn Forests, Preserve Them As Carbon Sinks,” by Janet Sinclair, Concerned Citizens of Franklin County

Advanced Biofuels (April 2016)

PRO: “Nothing’s Perfect, But There’s a Lot of Good,” by Joanne Ivancic, Advanced Biofuels USA

CON: “The Vast Taxpayer Cost of Failed Cellulosic and Algal Biofuels,” by Almuth Ernsting, Biofuelwatch