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[NEWS] How a Trash Incinerator Became “Green” Energy

– by Scott Dance, December 15, 2017, Baltimore Sun


Photo: Jerry Jackson / Baltimore Sun

A trash incinerator in Southwest Baltimore is the city’s largest single source of air pollution. But a state law has nonetheless allowed it to collect roughly $10 million in subsidies over the past six years through a program intended to promote green energy.

Few commuters who pass the imposing white smokestack on Interstate 95 have any idea that the plant burns their household waste, that their electric bills help to maintain it, or that it releases thousands of pounds of greenhouse gases and toxic substances — carbon dioxide, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde among them — into the air every year.

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[NEWS] Permit Revoked for Baltimore Trash Incinerator

– by Fern Shen, June 17, 2016, Baltimore Brew


Photo: Baltimore Brew

In another blow to an Albany, N.Y. company’s plan to put a trash-burning power plant in South Baltimore, Maryland regulators revoked a key permit for the project yesterday.

Energy Answers International violated the terms of its permit by stopping construction on the site for more than 18 months, the Public Service Commission ruled Monday.

The company had argued in filings with the PSC that it should be allowed to keep its 2010 Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity (CPCN).

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Permit Denied for Baltimore Trash Incinerator Proposal

– by Scott Dance, March 17, 2016, Baltimore Sun


Photo: Baltimore Brew

A permit that allowed New York-based Energy Answers International to build a trash-to-energy plant in South Baltimore is no longer valid, state environmental officials told the company Thursday, a significant setback for the controversial project.

Officials with the Maryland Department of the Environment said the permit expired because there had been no construction activity at the site in Fairfield since October 2013.

Energy Answers has planned to build a $1 billion electricity generation facility that would burn a fuel derived from trash. The Albany, N.Y., company first pitched the project in 2009, and the Maryland Public Service Commission approved its permit in 2010.

A representative for Energy Answers did not respond to requests for comment.

Environmental advocates and community groups had called on regulators to enforce a provision of the permit that forbade a lull in construction activity lasting 18 months or more.

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Groups to Sue Over Proposed Baltimore Trash Incinerator

– by Fern Shen, February 10, 2016, Baltimore Brew


Photo: Fern Shen

Arguing that a trash-burning power plant proposed for South Baltimore would violate the federal Clean Air Act – and that its permit expired nine months ago – two groups are suing the New York-based company developing it.

The Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) and United Workers today notified Energy Answers that they intend to file a lawsuit against them over their continued plan to construct the so-called Fairfield Renewable Energy Project on the site of a former chemical plant near Curtis Bay.

“After spending six months asking the Maryland Department of the Environment for a decision to this effect, we are now notifying Energy Answers of our intent to seek a decision in a court of law,” EIP attorney, Leah Kelly, said in a release from the groups.

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