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[NEWS] Trash-to-Biofuel Facility Set to Open in Maine

– by Alex Acquisto, January 5, 2018, Bangor Daily News

Fiberight larger
The company behind a state-of-the-art solid waste disposal facility in Hampden designed to convert trash into biofuel has secured enough funding to begin operations in May.

Craig Stuart-Paul, CEO of Maryland-based Fiberight LLC, announced this week that his company has secured $70 million for a municipal solid waste center off Coldbrook Road — $45 million through a tax-exempt bond with the Finance Authority of Maine and the remainder in private equity funds.

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[NEWS] Trash Incinerator Company Appeals Permits for Competing Facility in Maine

– by Nick Sanbides, Jr., August 12, 2016, Bangor Daily News

PERC 2 BB.jpg

Penobscot Energy Recovery (Bridget Brown/Bangor Daily News)

Penobscot Energy Recovery Co.’s battle with Fiberight over central and northern Maine’s post-2018 trash disposal future is headed to court.

Orrington-based PERC, along with its majority owner, USA Energy of Minnesota, and Exeter Agri-Energy, filed an appeal in Kennebec County Superior Court on Friday saying that the Maine Department of Environmental Protection erred in giving three permits to Fiberight’s proposed $69 million waste processing plant in Hampden.

A spokesman for the Fiberight effort dismissed the appeal, saying it was unlikely to have any impact.

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[NEWS] Maine Approves Fiberight’s Trash Biofuel Facility

– July 15, 2016, Portland Press Herald


Photo: niketalk.com

Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection has issued final permits for trash-to-energy company Fiberight for a $69 million facility in Hampden.

The nonprofit Municipal Review Committee, representing 187 municipalities, intends to contribute $5 million to the project. It contends it’s cheaper and more environmentally friendly than using an existing incinerator operated by Penobscot Energy Recovery Company. Penobscot Energy will lose subsidies and its contract with the MRC in 2018.

Critics have raised concerns about whether Fiberight has the money and technology to produce biofuel from solid waste on a commercial scale.

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[NEWS] Concerns About Maine Trash Incinerator Carry Weight

– by Madeline St. Amour, July 8, 2016, CentralMaine.com


Photo: centralmaine.com

Officials from the Penobscot Energy Recovery Co. say concerns by members of a legislative committee about Fiberight — the option many of the towns using the Orrington incinerator for waste disposal will use in 2018 — should be taken seriously.

Henry Lang, PERC’s general manager, said the letter from eight of 13 members of the legislative Energy and Natural Resources Committee that was publicly released Thursday afternoon “carries weight” because it was signed by more than half of the members of the committee from both parties.

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[NEWS] Opponents Air Concerns About Proposed Maine Biogas Facility

– by Dawn Gagnon, May 27, 2016, Bangor Daily News


Photo: Fiberight

Residents and others continued to raise concerns this week about the potential harm of a proposed waste-to-energy facility.

Wednesday’s hearing was the third held so far as part of the local planning board’s review of the Municipal Review Committee and Fiberight LLC’s joint application for site plan and conditional use approval for a $69 million plant.

Concerns that the proposed facility might emit odor and lead to increased truck traffic dominated the first two sessions on April 13 and May 11. Because a decision has yet to be made, hearings will continue on June 8.

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[NEWS] Traffic, Odor Concerns Voiced About Maine Trash-Biogas Proposal

– by Dawn Gagnon, April 15, 2016, Bangor Daily News


Photo: Fiberight

Potential for odor and increased truck traffic were top concerns raised during a public hearing Wednesday on plans for a proposed $69 million waste-to-energy plant.

The Municipal Review Committee and its Maryland-based partner, Fiberight LLC, are proposing to build a 144,000-square-foot waste processing facility with an attached 9,800-square-foot administration building. The facility would be accessed by a new road to be built off Coldbrook Road, according to Dean Bennett, Hampden’s community development director.

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Bangor, Maine Backs New Fiberight Trash Biogas Facility

– by Nick McCrea, March 2, 2016, BDN Maine

PERC 1 BB.jpg

Photo: Bangor Daily News/Bridget Brown

Bangor plans to send its trash to a future waste-to-energy plant in Hampden after 2018.

In a 7-2 vote Monday night, the Bangor City Council entered a municipal joinder agreement with the Municipal Review Committee, meaning the city will follow the group’s recommendation and send its waste to Fiberight, not Penobscot Energy Recovery Co. in Orrington.

“This move represents an economical and sustainable decision for our city and region,” Councilor Josh Plourde said after the vote.

The reasons for support varied. For some councilors, it was an issue of saving money over the long term. For others, it was in part due to frustration over PERC’s actions.

Councilors David Nealley and Gibran Graham were the dissenting votes. Both expressed concerns about the process and questioned whether the City Council had been given enough time to fully vet the issue.

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Maine Towns Debate Trash Incineration

– by Arlene Karidis, January 20, 2016, Waste Dive


Photo: R.W. Estela/Bangor Daily News

Dive Brief:

About 187 Maine towns and cities are considering new trash services starting in 2018 and, as reported in Bangor Daily News, they have two serious candidates: the Penobscot Energy Recovery Co. (PERC) and Maryland-based Fibertight. PERC is Maine’s largest waste-to-energy facility, which receives trash from several Maine towns. Fibertight has not built their WTE plant yet.

Through their operations, PERC cut the load on Juniper Ridge Landfill in Old Town by 85% and produced enough electricity in 2013 to power 25,000 homes. But in 2018, the company will lose a power purchase agreement with Emera Maine, and its viability has resultantly come into question — though a recent analysis showed the facility can run efficiently till at least 2035. PERC would charge municipalities $89.57 per ton of waste for 10 years and $84.36 per ton for a 15-year commitment. The towns currently pay $79 per ton before rebates.

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