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[NEWS] Juniper to Biomass Facility Proposed for Oregon

– by Eric Mortenson, October 24, 2016, Capital Press


(Photo: Wikipedia)

Morihara’s company announced it has refined a process for turning logging slash or other biomass into briquettes that can be burned in coal-fired electrical plants such as the one in Boardman, Ore. His company, HM3 Energy Inc., has built a $4 million demonstration plant in Troutdale, Ore., just east of Portland. It plans to license the technology and sell it worldwide. A Japanese firm, New Energy Development Co., has invested $2 million in HM3 and said it will build a production plant at an undisclosed location in Oregon.

The fuel is produced through a method called torrefaction, in which woody debris, crop residue or other plant material is essentially roasted in the absence of oxygen. The end product is a brittle, briquette-looking material that can be crushed and burned.

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[NEWS] Cutting Juniper and Pinyon Pine for Biomass Energy?

– by Sue Tone, April 6, 2016, Daily Courier


Photo: Sue Tone

Massive scissor blades and a quick twist decimated hundreds of junipers on a section of ranch property 20 miles northwest of Prescott. The machinery’s harvesting arm was specially created for the Arizona grassland restoration project, and potential biomass industry, by Ponsse, a company out of Finland that builds heavy-duty forest machinery.

A demonstration of the Ponsse equipment took place March 11 at the Cross U Ranch west of Williamson Valley Road. Other demo events in Yavapai County took place on the K4 Ranch and Double O Ranch.

A partnership between the Arizona State Forestry Division, Upper Verde River Watershed Protection Coalition (UVRWPC), and local ranchers brought the Ponsse equipment to Arizona to test whether it is more economical to remove junipers and pinyons with machinery or by hand crews. The results will help interested biomass industries determine whether a biomass production business is economically viable.

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