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[NEWS] Albany, GA Biomass Facility Will Go Online Soon

– by Brad McEwen, March 25, 2017, Albany Herald


Photo: Brad McEwen

After years of assembling some very complex pieces, officials close to the project to build a renewable energy biomass cogeneration facility adjacent to Albany’s Procter & Gamble say things are progressing as planned and that the $200 million plant should begin producing energy and steam for its customers in the next few months.

“The project is in its final stages of completion,” said Brenden Quinlivan, executive director of distributed energy origination for Constellation, the energy company that will operate the facility once it’s completed. “There’s going to be a defined testing period, both for the power and the steam that the project will generate, and that will take its own course over, let’s call it, the next 90 days.

“Then sometime, let’s call it mid-summer, the plant should achieve full commercial operation at which point it would be selling the power that it’s contracted to sell to Georgia Power under the 20-year power purchase agreement and then the steam that we’re contracted to sell over a 20-year period to P&G as well.”

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