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[NEWS] Crop Waste Ethanol Refinery Proposed for North Dakota

– by Associated Press, July 31, 2016, Washington Times


Photo: ethanol.typepad.com

A group of developers is planning to make ethanol from the stalks and leaves of North Dakota wheat straw and corn plants.

New Energy Investors is looking to develop a 13-million gallon, cellulosic ethanol plant at the Spiritwood Industrial Park near Jamestown, the Bismarck Tribune (http://bit.ly/2aEyvYB) reported.

“What attracts us here is we believe North Dakota has good policy to support us,” said Thomas Corle, New Energy co-founder and partner. “The investment community here seems focused on agricultural products and generating new revenues back to the farm.”

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[NEWS] Ethanol Refinery Owner Pleads Guilty to Tax, Water Violations

– June 16, 2016, KCCI

permeate_refining_logoFederal prosecutors say a northeast Iowa ethanol plant owner has pleaded guilty to failing to pay employment taxes and dumping ethanol into a stream.

Randy Less, of Hopkinton, was charged in January with failing to collect and pay to the government federal income, Social Security and Medicare taxes withheld from the wages of employees of Permeate Refining.

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Backers of Failed Biofuels Project Behind Proposed Washington Refinery

– by Tony Schick & Conrad Wilson, February 2, 2016, OPB


Photo: Columbia Riverkeeper

The state inspector thought his visit to Odessa, Washington, would be routine: a knock on the door, a chat with the operators, a look around the corrugated metal warehouse where they ran a biodiesel plant.

But when Jerry French arrived at the TransMessis Columbia Plateau facility in eastern Washington this past March, the door was locked. It seemed abandoned, but he could see chemical drums inside through the windows.

It just didn’t look right, he thought.

After getting the door unlocked, French discovered the mess.

He saw sulfuric acid leaking from crusted valves. He found chemicals stored beside each other in corroded containers that could catch fire or explode if they mixed. Storage tanks holding thousands of gallons of methanol and other dangerous chemicals were left outside unsecured.

French, a longtime inspector with the Washington Department of Ecology, knew these were red flags. The site was a threat to human health and the environment and needed to be cleaned up. He alerted the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency later that day.

He sent an email with 18 different bullet points, each detailing a potentially dangerous situation at the abandoned plant.

“Serious issues with chemical waste management were observed inside the facility,” he wrote.

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Bio-Crude from Municipal Solid Waste?

– by Kristen Hays, January 20, 2016, Reuters

A general view of the Tesoro refinery in Carson, California

Photo: REUTERS/Bob Riha, Jr.

On the heels of last month’s Paris agreement to curb carbon emissions, independent refiner Tesoro Corp said it is working with several biofuel companies to run more crude made from renewable plants and waste at its California refineries, the company told Reuters on Tuesday.

Using so-called biocrude from Fulcrum BioEnergy Inc and other partners is intended to lower Tesoro’s costs to comply with California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS), which requires refineries to run more environmentally friendly produced crude.

Rather than build or overhaul units to produce biofuels, Tesoro can blend biocrude into other crudes that feed existing refineries to generate LCFS credits, C.J. Warner, executive vice president of strategy and business development, said.

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