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[NEWS] Why Biomass Facilities Can’t Turn Pot into Energy

– by Hunter Creswell, October 20, 2016, Times Standard


Photo: Green Man’s Page

Every year law enforcement seizes around 100,000 marijuana plants on average in Humboldt County and that plant matter could be turned into energy if it were feasible and efficient but right now it’s not.

Redwood Community Energy, the local community choice aggregation program ran by Redwood Coast Energy Authority, is set to roll out in May of next year using more local renewable energy including mainly biomass energy before developing more local solar and wind farms.

RCEA Executive Director Matthew Marshall earlier this week told the Rio Dell City Council about plans to procure a third of the county’s electricity from biomass plants, another third from hydroelectric plants and the last third from other sources. He added that at the beginning of the program, 10 percent to 20 percent of the biomass energy will be from local plants.

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[NEWS] California Biomass Energy Facility Uses 70% of Area Water

– by Bill Houston, April 27, 2016, Times News Standard


Photo: Sean Walker/Times News Standard

The DG Fairhaven biomass power plant is expected to restart operations by noon on Thursday after being closed for the longest period since first powering up in 1987, according to DG Fairhaven Power LLC General Manager Bob Marino.

“This is the longest period of being shut down in the plant’s history,” Marino said.

The Samoa-based power plant ceased operations on Jan. 4 after a significant portion of its revenue was cut following the expiration of an amendment to its power purchase agreement with PG&E, he said.

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