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[NEWS] Is Willow the Energy Crop of the Future?

– by Ellen Abbot, June 5, 2016, WRVO


Photo: Ellen Abbot / WRVO

While most central and northern New York crops are being planted right now, there’s one that’s being harvested. SUNY ESF researchers are harvesting willow, as part of a project that continues to find the best way to use the woody plant as an alternative energy source.

When most people hear the word willow, an image of a weeping willow tree comes to mind. But that’s not what SUNY ESF researchers are working on in the Willow Project, a program that’s developing a biomass energy source.

“They are in the same genus, but different species, and the species we are targeting here are in shrub form,” said Justin Heavey, who manages the SUNY ESF willow crops.

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