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[NEWS] Omnibus Bill Policy Rider Deems Forest Bioenergy Carbon Neutral

– by Anna Simet, May 2, 2017, Biomass Magazine

The dome of the U.S. Capital building. Washington D.C.

Photo: Biomass Magazine

The $1 trillion Omnibus spending bill up for consideration by the House and Senate this week includes a policy rider that calls for federal recognition of forest bioenergy carbon neutrality.

The House Appropriations Committee released the fiscal year 2017 Omnibus Appropriations bill early Monday, 1,665-pages of legislation that will provide discretionary funding for the federal government for the current fiscal year.

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[OPINION] How Trump Could Save Coal With Wood Pellets

– by William Strauss, March 15, 2017, Biomass Magazine

CoalDemandforPowerGenerationChart-01_14894189956464-300x300-noupThe use of U.S.-produced wood pellet fuel blended with coal in large utility power stations could sustain coal mining jobs, create tens of thousands of new jobs in another sector that is experiencing significant job losses—the forest products sector—and stimulate billions of dollars of new investment in new U.S. manufacturing plants.

By supporting the blending of industrial wood pellet fuel with coal in pulverized coal (PC) power plants, policy will lock in the need for PC power plants, therefore guaranteeing significant demand for coal. This well-proven strategy, which is already in place in many other countries, can provide certainty for the need for U.S.-produced coal for decades, and certainty for U.S. coal mining jobs.

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Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Ethanol

– by Ben Potter, January 29, 2016, AgWeb


Photo: AgWeb

Agriculture has not provided many hot-button issues for the candidates of the 2016 presidential election to discuss – with one exception.

Because the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) is oft-argued, and because the candidates are spending so much time in Iowa, where roughly 25% of the nation’s ethanol is produced, the question has come up here and there. Most notably, Iowa Republican Gov. Terry Branstad recently took a jab at Ted Cruz for wanting to phase out the RFS.

What about the other candidates? The coalition America’s Renewable Future (ARF) has compiled a list of candidate stances before they declared their candidacy compared with their present opinions. (It should be noted that ARF is headed by Eric Brandstad, who is Gov. Brandstad’s son.)

“The fact is that every presidential candidate is either supportive of the RFS or has moved in that direction,” he notes.

Here are the candidate’s stances, listed alphabetically by name.

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